Photographer:  T om Harrison / Event: Galapagos Art Space, 2015

Photographer: Tom Harrison / Event: Galapagos Art Space, 2015

Xavier Cardriche is the quintessential American artist – a singer/songwriter who is a self-taught guitar player, educated and skilled in filmmaking, and a natural-born poet and storyteller in his own right. It’s no matter of coincidence that he has come to be known as the “Bard of Brooklyn.” Born and raised in New York to a schoolteacher and truck-driver, Xavier began exploring music through his family, friends, and the all-pervading streaming sounds of the radio. Accompanying his father on lengthy road trips, Xavier was also captivated by the different lifestyles and subcultures of each community they traveled thru.

As a young adult, Xavier began playing acoustic guitar at social-gatherings, and would often adapt short stories into songs. These songs evolved into the tracks which later became the vital material for his first record: Sorta-like-a-demo (2006). After receiving local and international interest following it's released, Xavier traveled through Europe performing in showcases, writing music, and recording with numerous artists. Through his international explorations, new songs materialized for his follow-up EP: In Due Time (2011), and also allowed Xavier to cultivate his own unique stage-presence with his band.  Enhanced by an array of instrumental accompaniment, his band is typically comprised of jazz musicians who bring the musical configuration to 5 interwoven parts.

Xavier has performed numerous shows abroad, and has shared bills with well-known artists including the Spin Doctors, Richard Julian, and Jack Lukeman. The coupling of his Alt-Country/Folk sound with visually detailed stories is accomplished with the spirit of early folk artists such as Donovan, Richie Havens, and Bill Withers.  Additionally, audiences have stated influences of such greats in his voice as Mark Knopfler, Colin Hay, Van Morrison, and Billy Bragg.

With an attentive affection for lyrics, Xavier often uses narrative detail to establish a foundation for a song.  Xavier is dedicating time to producing a visual-album for his most recent release Barter the Bard (2016) along with collaborations from  film, theater, and entertainment professionals.  

From clubs to cafes, he continues to perform in New York and the Northeast area, both solo and with his band.